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Milling machine mainly refers to the machine tool that processes various surfaces of workpiece with milling cutter. Generally, the milling cutter is mainly in rotation, and the movement of workpiece and milling cutter is in feed. It can process plane, groove, also can process all kinds of curved surface, gear and so on.

Milling machine is a kind of machine tool for milling workpiece with milling cutter. In addition to milling plane, groove, gear teeth, thread and spline shaft, milling machine can also process more complex surface with higher efficiency than planer, which is widely used in mechanical manufacturing and repair department.

Milling machine is a kind of widely used machine tool, which can process plane (horizontal plane, vertical plane), groove (keyway, T-shaped groove, dovetail groove, etc.), gear parts (gear, spline shaft, sprocket), spiral surface (thread, spiral groove) and various curved surfaces. In addition, it can also be used for machining the surface and inner hole of revolving body and cutting off. When the milling machine is working, the workpiece is installed on the worktable or indexing head and other accessories, the milling cutter rotation is the main movement, supplemented by the feed movement of the worktable or milling head, the workpiece can obtain the required processing surface. The productivity of the milling machine is high because of the multi edge intermittent cutting. In short, milling machine can be used for milling, drilling and boring.

With the development of CNC technology, it has been widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. The core technology for the development of the machining industry is numerical control technology. Numerical control technology is based on the digital control technology of electronic information, which can accurately control the whole process of mechanical manufacturing. Numerical control technology has many outstanding features such as automatic control, low cost, accurate precision, etc. It is also an upgrade of traditional equipment, which can save costs, optimize the industrial structure, and promote the smooth development of the machinery manufacturing industry.

Compared with traditional processing technology, numerical control technology has significant advantages. First, the manufacturing and processing of numerical control technology improves the efficiency of production and processing. Pre-programming with computer technology in the mechanical manufacturing industry can realize the control of the mechanical processing program, integrate the processing technology, and make the accuracy of the mechanical manufacturing processing high. Second, the actual control of the numerical control technology is very simple, and the manufacturing and processing can be completed according to different procedures, which reduces the physical strength of the workers. Third, virtual manufacturing is a more prominent advantage of numerical control technology. Virtual manufacturing technology can use information engineering technology and simulation control to display the manufactured items in a virtual form, which can clearly see the products after production, which is beneficial to new products. , Improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

1. Application in machine tool device

Machine tool devices play a pivotal role in the entire machinery manufacturing industry. Numerical control technology, including modern technologies such as computer technology, electrical automation, and electronic information technology, can be applied to different machine tool devices to realize the mechatronics of various machine tools. . The application of numerical control technology in the machine tool device not only inherits the traditional machine tool production capacity, but also improves the adaptability of the machine tool device and strengthens its accuracy and stability. In addition, numerical control technology has a huge advantage in cost control compared with traditional machine tool devices. On the one hand, it reduces the probability of defective products. On the other hand, the production efficiency of numerical control machine tools is also improved.

2. Application in the aerospace industry

The aviation industry is a direct manifestation of my country's level, with current manufacturing technology. The traditional machinery manufacturing level has been unable to meet the needs of the growing aerospace industry, especially the parts manufacturing process is particularly outstanding. Therefore, the long-term development of the aerospace industry can only be achieved by improving the machinery manufacturing level. Compared with traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, the application of numerical control technology has greatly improved the quality and accuracy of parts processing. Its advantages such as low cutting force and low heat generation are the basis of parts accuracy, and numerical control technology controls, product manufacturing is not easy to deform , Which can meet the strict requirements of the aerospace industry for mechanical products.

3. Application in the automotive industry

The automobile industry is one of the earliest industries that applied numerical control technology. With the continuous improvement of automobile technology and functions, the automobile industry has also increased its requirements for machinery manufacturing. my country's automobile industry is developing rapidly, and automobile manufacturing has realized automated production under the impetus of numerical control technology, which has avoided manual stamping and welding. The application of numerical control technology can realize the monitoring of the production process through the numerical control system, reducing the dependence of the automobile production process on labor, and achieving substantial growth in the production efficiency and production quality of parts.

CNC machining technology is a comprehensive technology, which has played an increasingly important role in machinery manufacturing. Numerical control technology provides an important aspect of machinery manufacturing quality, efficiency and cost control, and solves many technical problems in the machinery manufacturing industry. For parts with relatively high quality requirements, CNC technology opens to meet production needs. my country is in a critical period of social and economic development, especially under the impact of economicization. Only by continuously improving the level of CNC technology and the timeliness of CNC technology application can it be in line with the world and the long-term stable development of my country's machinery manufacturing industry.

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One:Automatic production line, 24h production, 24h quality inspection

Two:All kinds of professional testing equipment and excellent quality inspection technicians

Three:ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO13485 medical system certification


Four:Professional after-sales service, let you use more assured

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