CNC Precision Machining

  • CNC precision parts processing

    CNC precision parts processing

    Products are widely used in medical and automotive industries We regard quality as life, in order to ensure quality, we set up 16 quality inspection procedures, and constantly upgrade and improve the process in the later stage, to ensure that we can provide you with high-quality parts, so that your equipment life will be longer and the qualified rate will be higher. 7 * 24-hour online customer service for you, any dissatisfaction is welcome to put forward with us at any time, we provide cons...
  • Precision parts processing

    Precision parts processing

    The process of parts processing has extremely strict requirements. A little carelessness in processing will cause the error of the workpiece to exceed the tolerance range, requiring reprocessing, or announcing the blank scrap, which increases the cost of production. Therefore, what are the requirements for parts processing can help us improve production efficiency. Secondly, equipment requirements, rough and fine processing should be carried out with equipment of different performance. Since ...