What types of shafts are there?

01 Transmission shaft

The transmission shaft is a stepped shaft used to transmit power from one source to another machine that absorbs power. Install on the stepped portion of the shaft gear, hub, or pulley to transmit motion. Such as elevated shafts, wire shafts, auxiliary shafts, and all factory shafts. 

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02 Mechanical shaft.

The mechanical shaft is located inside the component and is an integral part of the machine, such as the crankshaft in a care engine. 

03 axle shaft

The axle shaft supports rotating components, such as wheels, which can be installed in a housing with bearings, but the shaft is a non rotating component mainly used in vehicles, such as axles in automobiles.

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04 Spindle

The spindle is the rotating part of a machine that accommodates tools or workspace, used for the short axis of the machine, such as the spindle in a lathe.

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