What is CNC processing? What are its advantages and disadvantages

The structure of small machining center is mainly composed of machine body, column, workbench, spindle, cutter system and CNC system.

1. Workbench: the workbench is rectangular, and its structural form is mostly fixed column type. There are usually three axes of linear motion: X axis, Y axis and Z axis. Four axis machining can also be realized by adding a fractionating head and a rotating workbench.

2. Spindle: it is composed of spindle box, spindle bearing and spindle motor. The machining operation of the spindle is controlled by the numerical control system, and the cutter installed on the spindle participates in the cutting movement. It is the output part in the cutting process.

3. Numerical control system: it needs to process the electrical signals from other devices, clarify the overall state of the machine tool, and make the next work instructions. For example, a small machining center executes a tool change command. The detection devices involved include servo motor, spindle clamping tool sensor and tool magazine number sensor. The system determines the spatial position of the spindle movement through the servo motor, determines whether the tool is installed on the spindle through the spindle clamping tool sensor, and confirms the number of the tool on the tool magazine at this time through the tool magazine number sensor. Finally, the control system uses the signals transmitted by different detection devices as reference data at different times to make the next action. CNC system directly determines the stability of small machining centers, so we need to choose the system carefully.

4. Tool magazine system: it is composed of tool magazine, manipulator, driving mechanism, etc. When the tool needs to be replaced, the command is sent out through NC programming. The manipulator can remove the tool from the tool holder and install it into the spindle hole. The automatic tool change system configured in the machining center solves the problems of the time required for manual clamping and multi process continuous machining. The work efficiency and processing schedule are improved.

Post time: Jul-02-2022