Making good use of data can improve the efficiency of CNC processing

Under the influence of the concept of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is transforming to digital. For example, if all kinds of data in the process of CNC processing can be fully collected, systematically analyzed, and corresponding measures can be taken according to the analysis, the efficiency of CNC processing can be improved.

According to the survey data of the Swedish Engineering Industry Association, only 59% of manufacturers use digital technology to improve efficiency, but in fact, the data is very helpful to improve efficiency. For example, CNC processing will produce a lot of industrial waste, but many of them can be avoided.

Production facilities, regardless of their size, complexity or age, produce a large amount of data every day. These data include equipment performance to specific product parameters, which can be collected by installing sensors on the equipment. After analyzing these data, take corresponding optimization measures, such as simplifying production and logistics processes, improving knife path, etc. The small optimization of a single process will have a huge impact on the operation efficiency.

The data can also find the problem of energy consumption. Through the data, the energy consumption of each processing equipment can be monitored. When the energy consumption of the equipment fluctuates obviously, the actual situation can be analyzed, the causes can be found and measures can be taken.

Continuous real-time analysis of data can also help simplify machine maintenance. Data analysis can predict and give early warning before problems occur. Once the machine has problems, the parts processed at that time are likely to be scrapped, resulting in material waste.

Therefore, if the data of the processing process can be collected in real time, analyzed and applied, the operation efficiency of the equipment can be effectively improved.

Post time: May-06-2022