Factors affecting the machining accuracy of precision parts and NC machining can enhance the usability of parts

The factors that affect the precision of precision parts processing and NC machining can strengthen the usability of parts.

The processing of precision parts is called precision machining. It is precisely because of its high processing process and process requirements, and the precision of products is very high. The precision of precision parts includes the accuracy of position, size, shape, etc. the leading technicians combine with the company’s production and processing experience for more than ten years, The following factors affecting the precision of precision parts are summarized

(1) The rotary runout of the spindle of the machine tool can produce some errors to the machining precision of the parts.

(2) The inaccuracy of the guide rail can also lead to the error of the shape of the workpiece.

(3) The transmission parts can also lead to the workpiece processing error, which is also the main factor of the surface error.

(4) The different types of tools and fixtures will also have different effects on the precision of the workpiece.

(5) In the process of machining and cutting, the system will be deformed due to the change of the position of the stress point, which will produce difference and the accuracy of the workpiece can be different degrees of error.

(6) The different cutting force will also lead to the influence of workpiece precision.

(7) The error caused by the heating deformation of the process system, in the process of machining, the process system will produce certain thermal deformation under the action of various heat sources.

(8) The deformation of process system caused by heating often results in the influence of workpiece precision.

(9) The deformation of the machine tool caused by heating will cause deformation of the workpiece.

(10) The deformation of the tool will have a great influence on the workpiece.

(11) The workpiece itself is deformed by heating, which is mainly caused by heating during cutting.

CNC parts processing is the most frequent operation of CNC parts manufacturers a processing technology process. This technology can strengthen the usability of parts, highlight the relevant characteristics, and apply it to the details of various industries. In CNC lathe processing, the process requirements of parts and the batch of processed workpiece shall be determined first. The functions of CNC lathe shall be prepared in the early stage, the prerequisite conditions for selecting CNC lathe shall be reasonable, and the process requirements of typical parts shall be met mainly in the structural dimension, processing range and accuracy requirements of parts.

According to the precision requirements, that is, the dimension precision, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of workpiece, the control precision of CNC lathe is selected. According to the reliability, reliability is the guarantee to improve the product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of CNC machine tool refers to the long-term stable operation without failure when the machine tool performs its functions under the specified conditions. That is, the average time without failure is long, even if there is a fault, it can be recovered in a short time and put into use again. The machine tools with reasonable structure and excellent manufacturing have been selected. Generally, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

CNC lathe processing materials are 304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, plastic, POM, etc. However, different quality tools are required for different materials of the vehicle to ensure the accuracy required by each product

Post time: Jun-03-2021